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Why you might be paying for Skin Care that doesn't work!

Do you use Ineffective Skin Care?

We've all seen the impressive ingredients lists on some skin care brands. But products that claim to contain things like Vitamin A/Retinol may actually be misleading as you could be paying for skincare that doesn't work!


Well products like Vitamin A/Retinol are very unstable ingredients, they degrade quickly when exposed to things like light and air. Putting products into dark, airless bottles can help but the only real way to ensure you are getting what you paid for is by MICRO-ENCAPSULATION

What on earth is Micro-encapsulation?

Microencapsulation is a process in which tiny particles or droplets are surrounded by a coating to give small capsules, . In its simplest form, a microcapsule is a small sphere containing a product.

So what has Hydromerse Skin Care Encapsulated? We have used Cellucap™ R for our Hydromerse24+ Vitamin AB Night Serum, and CelluOil™ Lavender in our Hydromerse24+ Dream Cream Night Mask.

Why is Vitamin A encapsulated?

Vitamin A is well known for its anti-aging capacity, however it suffers from oxidation and degradation which can reduce efficacy and discolour formulas. CelluCap™ R is an encapsulated form of Vitamin A, meaning it can deliver stabilised, pure retinol straight to the skin. The shell is broken and Vitamin A is released upon rubbing with the skin.

By encapsulating our Retinol you can be ensured of targeted delivery upon application. Cellucap™ R contains 9% pure, stabilised retinol. The beads are <70 microns and break down to invisible particles when they break upon contact with the skin.

Why is Lavender Oil encapsulated? Lavender oil can lose its freshness over time and interact with the formula as well as becoming slightly more irritating due to changes in the oil chemistry.

Microencapsulation solves this problem by encapsulating lavender oil in a thin shell. Fresh, fragrant lavender oil is released upon rubbing with the skin.

What are the microcapsules made of and are they environmentally friendly? The microcapsules are biodegradable, natural-origin polymers comprised of purified plant-derived cellulose. (Not to be confused with Micro-beads which are not good for the environment) Our Microcapsules break down naturally when applied to your skin.

They are plant based, certified not tested on animals and contain no animal ingredients.

So with Hydromerse Skin Care I am getting what I paid for?

Absolutely, you can be guaranteed to be getting the VERY BEST ingredients, at concentrations that work to deliver the results you dream of.

Affordable, Premium, Professionally Formulated Skin Care is literally at your fingertips with Hydromerse Skin Care

Tell me more about the Hydromerse24+ range.

Hydromerse24+ consists of 3 new professional products designed to work 24+ hours a day to give you the skin you dream of.

Hydromerse 24+ is