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We are confident in our skin care, so you can be confident in your skin. 

Our Story

Why Hydromerse Skin Care?

Before we launched Hydromerse we wanted to get things right, from the very start. Our beginnings were born out of not being able to find a great product that was perfect for use after aesthetic treatments, that could be used in a clinic and at home.
Our breakthrough skincare product - Hydromerse Hydrating Recovery Mask was born 2 years later, after extensive research into what Australian (and global) customers are looking for in skincare products.

Firstly, we wanted all our products to be Australian Made. Why? Because so many products aren’t. Australian manufacturing has gone offshore over the last 20 years, and we wanted to support local jobs and research. Also, there is a great desire for high-quality Australian products globally and we wanted to be part of that.
Being Licenced Cruelty-Free was for us a no brainer. We are both passionate about animal welfare and would never buy products that were tested on animals. So we committed to working with the official cruelty-free organisations to ensure that cruelty-free skincare is accessible to everyone.
After the success of our Hydrating Recovery Mask, we quickly realised that there was a need for high quality Cosmeceutical products also made in Australia and cruelty-free. The beauty industry is rapidly changing and our aim is to continually expand our product range by listening to our customers. That is where you come into the equation – we listen to what our customers want and act fast to bring new products to the market. The products professionals and customers alike, want and need.

Our Founders

Graham Stevens and Gregory Anthony are both passionate about skin care. Our backgrounds are diverse but fused perfectly together.

Graham Stevens

“I have a science and sales background. Originally working in Microbiology, I soon discovered I loved medical sales and learned a lot about the medical and healthcare industries. Always focusing on the customer and end-user of the products I learned that putting people first was the right thing to do” - Graham
greg portrait2.1.jpg

Gregory Anthony Conn

“I studied as an artist and engineer at university, but it was when I did my training in the beauty industry that I became passionate about skincare. I initially created my own small range of men’s shaving and barbering products, using quality ingredients blended at home and using them on my clients. Their feedback pushed me to be innovative and learn about great skincare” - Gregory Anthony
Now working together on our exciting range of products, that perfect fusion of skills brings our Hydromerse range of products to you.

Behind the Brand

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Graham Stevens & Gregory Anthony

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