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It all started with a mask – Hydromerse is here to shake up the skincare industry

An article by Rachel Medlock of Beaute Industrie

It all started with a mask – Hydromerse is here to shake up the skincare industry

The past 20 months (let’s just call it 2 years at this point) have thrown many of us some serious curveballs. For Graham Stevens and Gregory Anthony Conn, this came in the form of launching their long-awaited skincare brand, only to have salon, spa and clinic doors firmly closed for months on end.

Despite the challenges that presented themselves, this didn’t stop Graham and Gregory Anthony from spreading the word about the incredible innovation they had developed, known as Hydromerse. Created in the picturesque Hunter Valley in New South Wales, Hydromerse welcomes advanced cosmeceuticals back to Aussie shores with their Australian founded, made, and manufactured products that are proudly cruelty-free.

In our ever-growing industry, new skincare products and brands are arising on the regular so what makes Hydromerse stand out from the crowd?

For starters, the research that has gone into their formulations is seriously impressive. Hydromerse was born from the frustration of not having a suitable homecare solution following advanced aesthetic treatments, such as fractional laser.

Formally working in microbiology and dermatological medical sales, Graham was exposed to an array of aesthetic technologies and treatments. After receiving one himself, he soon realised the post-procedure products he was prescribed did not deliver the post-care experience he had expected from such a sophisticated service.

After a second treatment, where he applied a burns gel post-procedure, Graham had a better experience than the latter but still, it slipped off and meant he couldn’t get on with his day whilst the product did its job.

During this time, a former visual artist turned barber Gregory Anthony was developing his own range of men’s shaving and barbering products. Igniting a passion for the beauty industry at large and bringing his clients quality formulations, it was obvious that if Graham and Gregory Anthony united their skills, experience, and passion, they could be on their way to creating something ground-breaking – and so they did!

Over two years, the duo would work alongside clinics and cosmetic chemists to authentically understand what skin specialists wanted out of their products, their frustrations in the treatment room and how together, they could improve both the client and therapist experience. It was well worth the wait with their breakthrough product, the Hydromerse Hydrating Recovery Mask, changing the treatment mask game for therapists and their clients alike.

The Hydromerse Hydrating Recovery Mask has taken what we love about existing mask upgrade options, like the modelling of an alginate mask and the saturation of ingredient goodness in a sheet mask and created a unique 2-step solution without the mess, waste, and sometimes claustrophobic sensation. Combining the power of water, hyaluronic acid, menthyl lactate and glycerine, this non-comedogenic and refreshing formulation offers supreme hydration and soothing to anywhere on the face or body.

“What can’t it work with?” would be a much quicker list to read when learning about the aesthetic treatments that the Hydrating Recovery Mask can be incorporated with.

From before and after the likes of carbon facials, IPL, and laser services, injectables, tattoo removal, collagen induction therapy and radiofrequency treatments to during LED light therapy treatments, the mask is not only a seamless way of enhancing your client’s experience but welcomes a profit-packed treatment upgrade to most services on your menu!

Available as a unique retail item, the mask can be utilised before makeup application, to calm the skin post-shave, to soothe the skin after sun exposure or as a skin pick-me-up in between client’s treatment appointments. To enhance your bottom line, even more, Hydromerse has its own high-performance LED mask available for both professional and at-home use which also works effortlessly with the Hydrating Recovery Mask.

The product is applied via a ‘shake, spread and spray’ method. After adding water to the Hydrating Recovery Mask Fixing Powder, shake the bottle until the product is dissolved. Then, once a generous layer of the Hydrogel mask is applied to the skin, the mist is sprayed liberally to the treated area to work alongside the gel barrier and create the recovery mask.

After leaving on the skin from anywhere between 10-minutes to 1-hour (keeping in mind that the mask will not slip off making it perfect for clients wanting to tick off a few odd jobs at home during this time), the mask is seamlessly removed with warm water and disposed of.

With each mask applied via an applicator instead of a standard hydrating sheet mask, users have the flexibility to apply the product exclusively where the hydration is needed most, such as under the eyes, to the treated area (such as an arm following tattoo removal) or as a full-face service during a traditional skin treatment.

This flexibility makes the product extremely cost-effective for therapists as each 2-step kit will deliver the equivalent of at least 8 full-face treatments or 40 under-eye treatments.

The success of their breakthrough product was just the beginning for Hydromerse as they worked to expand their collection beyond the signature mask. Combining the efficacy of bio-active botanical extracts with potent nutrients, Hydromerse has developed a comprehensive line of cosmeceuticals, Hydromerse Cosmeceuticals.

Designed to combat free radical aggressors, tackle the signs of ageing, restore and repair complexions and respect the integrity of the skin’s barrier, expect to see an abundance of peptide complexes, antioxidants, vitamins and rare actives such as Dragon’s Blood Extract in their impressive ingredients lists.

Understanding that especially during current times, salon owners have been facing it tough, Graham and Gregory have introduced Clinic and Salon Starter Kits. The Clinic and Salon Starter Kit provides salon owners with 3 of each product in their range for the price of 2, a saving of over 33%.

With their ‘developing what the people want’ mentality at the forefront, Graham and Gregory Anthony continue to expand and evolve their Hydromerse brand with their customers not just in mind but invested in the process. Stockists can share their feedback, professional suggestions, and desires with their supplier to evoke new product developments and innovations. This level of transparency between a salon owner and supplier is incredibly exciting and as the Hydromerse team explains, allows them to act quicker on bringing the right products to the market.

Ticking our boxes for what makes a standout supplier, Hydromerse pairs all their products with superlative customer support that, like everything they do, is driven by what clinics actually want and need. That’s why social media marketing support is a highlight feature of their stockist benefits.

For Clinical Nurse Consultant and Educator, Kristen Myall, the switch to Hydromerse Cosmeceuticals has seen her benefit not just from the sophisticated products but this ongoing support provided by the team.

“I recently changed my skincare products to the Hydromerse Cosmeceutical range, and I am extremely happy with the products and the results. The Hydromerse Cosmeceuticals have a large number of active ingredients that nourish the skin with a pleasant natural aroma, smooth feel and do not irritate my skin. The ongoing support provided by Graham and Gregory from Hydromerse is amazing and the best part is Hydromerse Cosmeceutical are Australian made and owned”, Kristen shares with us

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