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Hydromerse Skin Care Review by @jaunita _heart

Self care today with a totally new face mask from @hydromerse .


This is a two step mask that is cooling and hydrating while refreshing and soothing skin.

First you lather your face with step one, a clear gel but do not rub in. Apply a layer all over face then use step two of the skin recovery system.

Step two is a spritzer spray which you spray a few times so all the face is covered then set back and let the mask do its magic.

The mask starts cooling skin without tingling and the mask firms up without pulling on your skin. Leave for about 10 mins then easily wash off.

Leaving your skin totally refreshed, hydrated and super soft.

A great alternative to a clay mask and gives your skin instant hydration. I have used this masks a few times now and it is so good in summer for that skin cooling. You get quite a few masks out of this duo to.

This mask is also fabulous after aesthetic and cosmetic treatments.


Have you tried a two step mask before?


@hydromerse .

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