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Hydromerse Skin Care is proudly listed on Salon Hub Australia - An APAN Initiative

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No-doubt you take care of others, isn’t it time someone took care of you? While COVID-19 has created disruption and uncertainties to our way of life, it has also allowed us to value community and engagement. The beauty and aesthetics industry can provide you with products, treatments and services to not only improve your appearance but also minimise stress levels and support your wellbeing. Research confirms how tactile services such as massage, can lower cortisol levels that are often escalated during stressful times and kept unchecked, they can contribute to a weakened immune system and ultimately to illness. A relaxing massage can help support overall health, improve sleep quality, enhance mood and improve relaxation.

Modern salons and clinics today operate with some of the latest technologies as well as advances in techniques that deliver immediate and long-lasting results for skin and body. You can access an incredible selection and diverse treatment options including:

  • Targeted skin rejuvenation treatments

  • Improve hydration levels

  • Rebalancing the skin’s immunity

  • Enhancing the skin’s microbiome

  • Relieving stress and inflammation

  • Healing of skin lesions

  • Treatment for hyperpigmentation

  • Improving facial features through Cosmetic Tattooing

  • Body massage for stress management and relaxation

  • Body shaping and toning treatments

  • Hair reduction for face and body

  • Enhancing features though injectable services

  • Lash and brow services to create a more youthful and beautiful you.

Investing in You Additionally, the personal care you will receive from the hands of a skilled and qualified practitioner will provide you with invaluable wellness benefits, improving your immunity and supporting you during challenging times. No-doubt you are taking care of others, isn’t it time that someone takes care of you? OUR SALONS AND CLINICS offer services that are not just important, but essential, particularly during these challenging times. Many of these businesses have heavily invested in modern technologies and in their education ensuring they are providing you with immediate and long-lasting treatment outcomes that go beyond just improving your appearance. This year’s lockdown measures have created extensive financial pressures on these businesses. By accessing their products and services you will also be supporting the local economy and their survival. Why not also consider a gift voucher for a friend, or plan of including something beautiful for an upcoming gift or Christmas shopping? Together, let’s make sure these valuable businesses are supported to continue to serve our community.


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