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Hydromerse Skin Care is now on TikTok

We resisted for as long as we could but after a Webinar we attended highlighting the growth of TikTok and the decline of Facebook and Instagram we decided to join the millions of small businesses that are using TikTok to help promote their brands.

We learned that TikTok is the fasted growing and MOST USED social media platform in the world. For small businesses like ours, the high costs of FB/IG advertising is not sustainable and simply not worth the $Spend. TikTok allows us to get 100% Organic Reach at ZERO cost (for now)

So if you are another small business looking to get your message out there, sign up to TikTok and use it whilst there is no cost to you. If you need any help please reach out to us as we may be able to help.

Happy TikToking and Hydromersing :

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