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For Professional Use


We have a Salon and Clinic Ordering page. On that page, we offer a pricing structure for all clinics that wish to purchase Hydromerse.

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Hydromerse for Professionals

Hydromerse Skin Care now offers 6 new Cosmeceuticals in addition to our breakthrough product
Hydromerse Hydrating Recovery Mask.

Whether you are a Dermatologist, Cosmetic Nurse Injector, Aesthetician, Beautician or Makeup
Artist, Hydromerse Skin Care has products especially designed for all skin care professionals.
We believe in supporting all skincare professionals that wish to stock and use any of our products
with profitable pricing for your business. We will also, over time, be releasing professional-sized
products for use exclusively in your clinic or salon.

Whether its Hydromerse Hydrating Recovery Mask for use before, during or after aesthetic
procedures, or Hydromerse Cosmeceuticals for use in clinic or take-home packs, we have you
covered with the very best pricing for your business.

Please click on our “Salon and Clinic Ordering Page” and you can access all our products at stockist
(Please note you will require a password to access this page, this can be obtained by clicking here

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Now Available in 50mls For Professional Use

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Each Hydromerse Hydrating Recovery Mask comes with enough Stage 1 gel for about 8 full-face treatments and there is enough Stage 2 fixing spray for the whole tube.

If it was to be used for just an under-eye treatment for example, then there is enough for about 40 under-eye applications or a combination thereof.


Hydromerse is Licenced Cruelty-Free and Licenced Made in Australia. We ship free worldwide and have a how to use video which demonstrates the application method.

We recommend using Hydromerse Hydrating Recovery Mask before all cosmetic treatments to ensure the best results.

By using Hydromerse before, during & after your treatments in the clinic you'll guarantee the very best outcome.



Hydromerse Hydrating Recovery Mask will plump, hydrate, cool, and soothe your client’s skin.

It can be used after most skin treatments, to ensure long-lasting results!
(Following ablative procedures seek guidance from the manufacturer as to when you can start using Hydromerse).


With Hydromerse the client can also go home with a hydrating mask on, and then they use the rest at home whenever they wish to reapply. Ensuring perfectly hydrated skin before their next visit.

You can stock Hydromerse as a stand-alone product for the customer to purchase and use at home. This offers flexibility for both the practitioner and the customer.

Hydromerse Partners With You.

Hydromerse is always looking for ways to support and promote clinics that stock and use Hydromerse Hydrating Recovery Mask. 

We are happy to produce Social Media content to help co-promote your business alongside Hydromerse, at no charge.

Some examples of these can be found on our Instagram and other social media profiles. 

By working together we can achieve more, as we know it has been a tough few years for everyone, and if we can assist in any way we are here to help your business succeed.


 Before, During & After Treatment Options
Recommended Cosmetic & Aesthetic Procedures  

* Follow Clinician & Manufacturers post-care guidelines
**For Cosmetic Use Only
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Can I order samples?

Because of our no minimum order quantity we do not have a free sample policy. Skincare Professionals can order from our range at stockist prices on our
Salon & Clinic Ordering page.
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