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For the ultimate indulgence in skin care, treat yourself to the complete range of Hydromerse Cosmeceuticals -

Your Skin Will Love You Back.

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What are Hydromerse Cosmeceuticals?

-Where nature and science work together-

Hydromerse Cosmeceuticals are the latest range of Hydromerse Skincare products.
Our carefully formulated Cosmeceutical range incorporates bio-active botanical extracts together with pure and potent nutrients to soak up free radical stress and minimize the effects of ageing.

Hydromerse Cosmeceuticals are products that have both cosmetic and therapeutic effects and are intended to have a beneficial outcome on skin health and beauty.
Like cosmetics, they are applied topically as creams, serums, or lotions, but contain active ingredients that have a proven effect on skin cell function.

Hydromerse Cosmeceuticals are recommended by professionals who are trained in their use. They are able to penetrate deeper into the skin and contain higher strength key active ingredients. Conversely, it is more likely that you will experience an “anticipated skin reaction” when you start using them, and this will have been explained by your prescriber. Anticipated reactions are expected and manageable. They are a sign of positive change in the skin cycles and will reduce as your skin becomes accustomed to your new regime.

Cost is a concern to everyone which is why we offer starter kits that last three months (enough time to see some real changes) and so you can experience the products for less. You will also see a significant shift in your skin's health over this time.

My skin is fine, why would I consider switching?
Maybe you have “good skin” and wonder why you would bother to spend the extra money on a cosmeceutical regime? The answer really comes down to realising the full potential of your genetically good skin… it could look even better!

Cosmeceutical products work at the cellular and DNA level, to up-regulate cell turnover, repair barrier function and reduce the length of your skin cycle. They switch on your skin’s natural ability to hydrate, repair and rejuvenate itself; meaning a fresh complexion, even tone, and improved elasticity.
Even good skin needs a wake-up every now and then.